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Jos asut kaupungissa jossa vielä on oikea levykauppa kuten Digelius, mene sinne!

If you have a possibility to go to to a real record store, while they still exist, please ask for my music there!

If not, you can buy all my albums in my own online store here !!!

(Below you find links for different streaming services. Please remember that none of them pays appropriate shares to artists! Tidal and Apple Music are slightly better, Spotify is one of the worst.)

Kari Ikonen: Ikonostasis (Ozella 2017)
Trio Toffa – Positive (Eclipse 2016)
Kari Ikonen Trio: Beauteous Tales and Offbeat Stories (Ozella 2015)
Kari Ikonen Trio: Bright (Ozella 2013)
Slo Motive – Arrival (Eclipse 2012)
Kari Ikonen & Karikko: The Helsinski Suite (Eclipse 2011)
Kari Ikonen & Karikko: Oceanophonic (Texicalli 2008)
Gnomus – Diagnosis (Fiasko 2007)
gnomus 2
Gnomus – II (Fiasko 2004)
Kari Ikonen: Karikko (Fiasko 2001)
Ahava (Fiasko 2001)
Gnomus (Fiasko 2000)

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