“Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions” has been released in Finland August 28, 2020 on Ozella Music !!!

The international release will be postponed again due to different Corona-related issues, and will take place in a few months – new date will be announced soon!

Listen to a few excerpts here!

Highly renowned Finnish pianist-moogist-composer Kari Ikonen (b.1973) brings out his new Kandinsky-inspired solo piano repertoire ”Impressions, Improvisations and Compositions” that will be released soon on CD & LP by German label Ozella Music. As its name suggests, the album consists of Ikonen’s compositions and improvised passages:

”Wassily Kandinsky, one of my favorite painters, divided his paintings in three categories: impressions, improvisations and compositions. ”Improvisations” were spontaneous expressions of an internal mood or feeling, directly from the artist’s soul. ”Impressions” were improvisations as well, but with external influences, such as music or the nature. ”Compositions” were also expressions of inner visions, but more consciously designed…
What a perfect analogy with my music! Some of the pieces in my solo repertoire are impressions, inspired by a scale/maqam, a painting or a story. Some pieces are ”pure” improvisations and some are written compositions.”

An array of unusual preparations and special techinques are used, most notably the revolutionary Maqiano, Ikonen’s own invention, a totally unique install-and-remove device that allows him to play the Maqamat (≈Arabic scales) and other micro-intervals on grand piano. For the last 20 years Ikonen has been into Arabic, Middle Eastern and Turkish music, and now he’s able to extend his melodic vocabulary beyond the conventional tunings.

N.B: Maqiano and other Ikonen’s special techniques are very carefully designed and tested on hundreds of grand pianos around the world, and will never cause damage to the piano.

Here’s the current onesheet: Impressions, Improvisations & Compositions

Technical rider: Kari Ikonen tech rider