“Ikonen mellan öster och väster med revolutionerande ny mikrointervallmanick” -Hufvudstadsbladet (FI)

Maqiano™ (from words “maqam” & “piano”) is my new revolutionary invention: a portable micro-tuning device, that enables pianists to play the maqamat (≈Arabic scales) and other micro intervals on acoustic piano – both grand piano and upright!
It takes about 5 seconds per pitch to install, and around 3 seconds to remove. After removal the piano is in normal tuning again, and of course, it does absolutely no harm to the piano or its strings.

I have used the prototypes in concerts for 2 years now, and I’m happy to tell that the developement process is almost done. Patent is pending, and I just got a notice that it will be granted!

“This is an exemplary solo piano album, full of original twist made possible by a micro-tuning device The Maqiano” -Jazzwise (UK)

If you’re interestred buying one, you still have to wait a bit, but you can already write me ( so I can keep you informed about the schedule, and reserve one of the first ones for you.

Maqiano can be heard on my new solo piano album (Ozella Music 2020/2021) and the 2nd album of Orchestra Nazionale della Luna (BMC 2020).

“Kari Ikonen invented a device that temporarily allows any piano to play Arabic scales and other micro-intervals, dramatically widening its palette of expression.” -Songlines (UK)

“Utilisant les potentialités du Maqiano, Ikonen fait passer l’abstraction de sa musique derrière les séductions immédiates d’un univers sonore enchanté et délicieusement déroutant.” – Jazz Magazine (FR)

Listen to some Maqiano-piano here! (Maqtu’ah… and Taqsim…)

Maqiano-presentation video:

And one more new video: