Created by Award-Winning Pianist and Composer Kari Ikonen

The name Maqiano is derived from the words maqam* and piano. Maqiano is a patented, portable microtuning system that enables pianists to play the maqamat and other microtones on the acoustic piano – both grand and upright! It only takes a moment to install or remove. After removal, the piano returns to its original tuning. In addition, Maqiano does absolutely no harm to the piano or its strings.

*Maqam, pl. maqamat, is a system of melodic modes in traditional Arabic music.


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History of  Maqiano™

I developed Maqiano during a creative period at home during the lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic when I couldn’t go out and perform. I had always been interested in microtones and especially fascinated by the use of them in traditional Arabic and Turkish music.

I wanted to play the same melodies that I was listening to being sung or played with instruments such as the violin, oud, qanun or ney, but the piano was limited only to the western 12-note system. 

So, I invented Maqiano to be able to create freely with microtones on the piano. Now I can, and so can you.

Is Maqiano Expensive?

It depends what you compare it to. A talented pianist from Turkey once had  four grand pianos on stage, tuned to four different maqamat in order to perform his compositions. Full Maqiano packages start at €797 plus tax and shipping. That is significantly less than four grand pianos!

Also, what is the cost of not being able to create freely with microtones on your own piano? 

With Maqiano, you can create the microtonal masterpieces you have always dreamed of.


Order your Maqiano here!  Or see more detailed information here!
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Your Music with Microtones

The use of Maqiano is not exclusively limited to Arabic music. It opens up a whole new range of creative possibilities for you as a pianist or a composer. 

With Maqiano, you only need one piano. Add free-thinking imagination, your own talent and there is no limit to the kind of music you can create. 


Emotional Impact with Maqiano

Recently, I used Maqiano during a concert in New York City. After the performance, a Middle-Eastern gentleman came up to me with tears in his eyes and told me how much he enjoyed the music. 

In another show in Istanbul, I received a strong standing ovation from the audience after performing a composition with Maqiano. They had never heard music quite like it. They were totally surprised hearing the maqamat being played on the grand piano. 


Maqiano Reviews

“Kari Ikonen invented a device that temporarily allows any piano to play Arabic scales and other micro-intervals, dramatically widening its palette of expression.”  -Songlines (UK)

“This is an exemplary solo piano album, full of original twist made possible by a microtuning device The Maqiano”  -Jazzwise (UK)

“Ikonen mellan öster och väster med revolutionerande ny mikrointervallmanick” – Hufvudstadsbladet (SV)

“Utilisant les potentialités du Maqiano, Ikonen fait passer l’abstraction de sa musique derrière les séductions immédiates d’un univers sonore enchanté et délicieusement déroutant.”  – Jazz Magazine (FR)

Maqiano can be heard on my new solo piano album “Impressions, Improvisations & Compositions” (Ozella Music 2021) and the 2nd album of Orchestra Nazionale della Luna (BMC 2020).

Maqiano is Safe for Your Piano

I have used Maqiano for over 3 years on my own Steinway and on at least 100 different pianos around the world. No damage has ever been caused to any piano or to their strings. No piano has ever gone out of tune. After removing Maqiano, the pianos have returned to their original tuning, every single time. 


No damage to your piano or the strings from using Maqiano. I guarantee it!* 

*You must read and understand the instructions, watch the instructional videos and use Maqiano accordingly, only for the purpose described.


The Complete Maqiano System

Maqiano comes ready to use. The system includes:

1 x Dock, the Alcantara case/stand for all the components

4 x Hull, the main unit 

4 x Ballast, the extra weight

8 x Anchor with different thicknesses, for attaching the Hull to the strings

4 x Single Pontoon, a support for Grand Piano

4 x Double Pontoon, a support for upright Piano

2 x Fender, sometimes needed for holding the Hull in place and keeping the tuning level precise. It is also needed for measuring the distance from the agraffes = the tuning level.

1 x Bar, for replacing the pressure bar for upright piano’s lower strings


Maqiano Measurements

4-unit set weight 3.5 kg

“Dock” case/stand dimensions 270 x 295 x 40 mm

6-unit set weight 4.9 kg

“Dock” case/stand dimensions 370 x 295 x 40 mm


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