Maqiano instructions

Please study this video carefully before using the Maqiano !!!

Instructions for installing & using the Maqiano™ Micro Tuning System

-Basic installation, some options, usage of the different parts (0:00)
-Lower register / copper-wound strings (3:30)
-Upper register / special shaped magnet & Anchor (5:10)
-The Fender (6:40)
-Upright piano use (8:28)

A few things I just noticed that I forgot to include in the video:

To uninstall the Maqiano – hold the anchor with one hand, and with the other one just lift the Barge (the main mass) up, or even easier if you tilt it backwards first. Then slide the Anchor further from the agraffes, where’s more space below the strings, tilt it, and take it out.

Please do not slide the Maqiano installed to the lower register copper wound strings !! It would damage the tip of the main magnet, and possibly do scratches on the strings too.
So glissandi / adjusting the tuning by sliding works only on the plain wire steel strings!

Air travel: I have had a few Maqiano units in my cabin luggage on about ten flights now, and no problem. However, the long metal bar for upright piano use ”The Bar” is clearly against the rules for the cabin bags, they would take it for sure! And of course if they are really mean, the could just decide to not let you take a Maqiano set inside the cabin, since the metal pieces are more than 6cm long… so I recommend putting it to checked-in luggage, or go to the airport early enough to be able to check it in if there’s problems in the security check. Also, it’s quite heavy – the set of 4 units weighs almost 4 kilos… another reason to check it in.

Also, one more warning: please avoid placing laptops, phones, credit cards, key cards or other electronic devices near/on the Maqiano, since the strong magnets might affect even through the
case. Not sure if this is a real issue, but just to be sure !!!